Rules & Regulations

Vloedbos rules and regulations

No visitors will be allowed to enter the premises without signing in and receiving a tag/key. The driver of each vehicle needs to sign in. (R500 fine payable for trespassing.)

R100 CASH tag deposit (per vehicle) payable for campsites. 

R500 breakage deposit payable per self-catering unit. Breakage fee for the Vloedbos and Fynbos house is R1000 (per unit). All deposit refunds will be made within 10 working days.


ALL the self-catering units EXCLUDE linen and towels. The beds are equipped with mattress protectors and fitted sheets only.


Please note that the Vloedbos house is not situated near the campsite and relevant facilities, but is located within approximately 10 min walking distance. 


Deposits are payable within 48hours after the booking was made. All self-catering units, campsites and group bookings   ( 2+ units/campsites)  must be paid in full, 14 days prior to date of arrival. When a reservation is made the contact person will be held responsible for deposits, cancellations or changes to units/plots.


We have a Tuck shop on the premises that sells wood, ice, sweets, ice cream, soft drinks, candy floss, etc. Please note that we do not sell cigarettes or liquor. 


Super tube and shop hours: (weekends/in-season): 10H00-12H00, 14H00-16H00 and 17H00-18H30, Sundays 10H00-12H00. (Subject to change without notification.)


Office hours: 

Weekdays/Saturday 8h00-12h30/14h00-16h00 

Friday 8h00-12h30/14h00-16h00/21h00

Sunday 8h00-13h00



House and camp rules:


1. No pets allowed

2. No music whatsoever will be allowed

3. Check-in time: From 14H00 -21h00

4. Campsite check-out time: Strictly before 13H00 (R100 tag deposit will be forfeited if tag is not received on time) 

5. Self-catering unit check-out time: Strictly before 10H00, full amount of unit (price per night) payable for late check out. 

6. Day visitor hours: 08H00 – 18H00 

7. Only suitable swimwear will be allowed in the swimming pools. No underwear or toddlers without clothes. 

8. Inflated swimming pools are not allowed

9. No smoking allowed indoors

10. Silence in resort after 22H00

11. Camp activities close at 22H00 

12. Self-catering units must be left in the same condition as found

13. Please park on own unit booked or in the parking area provided

14. No unruly behaviour or foul language will be tolerated

15. All fires need to be extinguished after use

16. Visitors must please stay within the Vloedbos perimeter  

17. Please only occupy the unit that you booked

18. Please do not remove black bins from their allocated areas

19. No eating or drinking in pools allowed

20. Children under 10 years are not allowed in pools without adult supervision 

21. Heated swimming pool will be closed and chlorinated between 22h00-07h00

22. Only 1 person at a time (without shoes and not more than 70kg) allowed on the trampoline

23. Vloedbos electrical equipment is dangerous and should be left alone

24. Alcohol abuse or any form of illegal drug use will not be tolerated and will be reported to the police

25. Anyone that damages Vloedbos property, trees and/or vegetation will be held liable for the cost of replacement

26. All visitors enter Vloedbos resort at own risk

27. If rules are not adhered to visitors will be liable for R500 penalty and asked to leave the premises without refund 

Cancellation Policy


Cancellations in excess of 1 month prior will incur a 10% of the deposit paid in administration fees. If the full amount was paid and it has to be refunded a 10% of the full amount paid will be deducted for administration fees and banking costs. 

Cancellations 1 month prior to the date of arrival will forfeit 25% of the deposit.

Cancellations 22-30 days prior to the date of arrival will forfeit 50% of the deposit.

Cancellations 8-21 days prior to the date of arrival, visitor forfeits 100% of deposit paid.

Cancellations 0-7 days prior to the date of arrival we will charge the value for the full original booking.

In the event of premature departure or no show we will charge the value for the full original booking. 

No refund for early departures. We hold the right to cancel any booking due to non-payment. Any decisions made beyond this arrangement will only be overruled by the Vloedbos Management counsel. 

Right of Admission reserved. 

NB: Vloedbos will not be held responsible - for abrupt cancellations or no show - due to bad weather conditions - Epidemic/Pandemic and Natural disasters/act of God, beyond our control.


NB: Bookings will not be moved / refunded due to bad weather conditions, epidemic/pandemic and natural disaster/act of God beyond our control.

NB: All cancellations made due to weather conditions - Epidemic/Pandemic and Natural disasters/act of God, beyond our control, will still be subject to the Vloedbos cancelation policy as stated above.


NB: No visitors will be allowed entrance unless full payment has been received. Any dispute regarding your reservation must be sorted out on arrival, no refunds will be done afterwards. 



Motorbike/quad bike rules


-Motorbike/quad bike times: 10H00-12H00 and 14H00-17H00

-No Motorbike/quad-bike riding is allowed on Sundays

-No Motorbike/quad-bikes riding is allowed in the campsite area.

-All persons entering these premises and using its facilities, including the parking area, do so entirely at their own risk. The owners, employees, agents, representatives and management of these premises shall not be liable for any damage, loss, theft, injury, accident or death suffered by any person, howsoever caused. 

-Please note: We do not rent out quads/bikes although you are welcome to bring your own.